Professional Development For Positive Sport Experiences

Virtual Professional Development Training

Designed to provide your organization the essential tools and strategies needed to be unified and successful. Some of the potential areas of focus we cover in this session are listed below.

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Coach Development Topics Covered

Create Alignment Between
Parents and Coaches

Alignment between the parents and coaches in your organization is vital for a healthy athletic program. The Parent Playbook helps parents understand and embrace their role as a supporter and encourager of the team, the coaches, and in their child’s athletic journey. This creates alignment for coaches to connect with parents and bring them into the process.

The Parent Playbook is designed to maximize each child’s athletic journey and have coaches and parents working together for the good of the athlete.


The Car Ride From Hell

Last Saturday I enjoyed the beautiful experience of watching my amazing daughter graduate from a major university in Tennessee. She graduated with a grade point

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See the impact The Parent Playbook has to maximize an athlete’s journey.

"A Better Way is the perfect name for the training Heath and Eric offer. I continually rely on the methods and philosophies they have shared with me in my day to day duties as an AD and my interaction with coaches, athletes, and parents. It's athletics management that makes sense and nourishes the greater good that sports can provide."
Joe Blair
Athletic Director
Brentwood High School
"A better way has allowed our coaches to do what they originally dreamed of doing, which was pouring in to kids, parents, and the community. Our student athletes are doing great things in the classroom, excited daily about practice, and our coaches are enthusiastic throughout the entire season, not looking forward to the next class. We are able to focus on the present and work towards the future with a more positive outlook."
Jason McCowan
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Cleveland High School
"As an athletic director, the A Better Way training is completely invaluable. It prepared our coaches and gave them a clear blue print for how to prepare for meetings, deal with parents, empower student-athletes. It gives them a blueprint for how to be successful."
Jose Fernandez
Athletic Director
Woodward Academy
"A Better Way, has provided our basketball program with tools to empower us to develop a winning culture on and off the court. We are focusing on the right things to do things a better way, Consistently, more efficiently, and with more passion."
Tony Williams
Head Girls Basketball Coach
Cleveland High School