Putting Sport in the Proper Pespective

Putting Sport in the Proper Pespective
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Putting Sport in the Proper Perspective

God made sports to be so beautiful and so good, but it has the tendency to consume every aspect of our lives. Whether it be the amount of money spent, the time spent travelling, or the energy spent worrying about outcomes and playing time, many people feel like they are in bondage to the world of sports. How has something God intended to be so good become such a drain on our relationships, our wallets, and our schedule?

A Subscription For Parents on the Athletic Journey

Whenever a good thing becomes the main thing in life division and distress typically sit right around the corner. As parents, we believe that putting some healthy boundaries around sports will enable our children to thrive and grow into the young men and women God made them to be. Putting sport in the proper perspective is a subscription for parents that gives them strategies and tools to navigate the athletic journey with their children in a way that sets them up for success in life. 

Putting Sport in It's Proper Perspective Covers:

  • A biblical perspective on parenting in sports.
  • The purpose of sports.
  • Encouragements for parents on the sports journey.
  • How to discern the right opportunities for our children.
  • How to develop a team player.
  • How to deal with adversity in sports.
  • Understanding the value of struggle.
  • The purpose of boundaries in sports and life.
  • How to create a financial boundary in sports.
  • How to create a family boundary in sports.
  • How to create a faith boundary in sports.
  • Maximizing the car ride home.
  • Processing game time and post game emotions.
  • How to approach coaches about difficult decisions.