The Parent Playbook: helping families Create Positive Sport Experiences

Learn How to maximize each child’s athletic journey

What if there was a prescription to the biggest obstacle in sport organizations today?


Leadership is all about alignment and we’re here to help you create that between parents and coaches. Both of these individuals play a critical role in preparing & cultivating young people for the journey ahead.

Sports are an arena for growth, where young people’s lives are changed for the good. If those around them have the tools, resources, and perspective they need, they can lead each athlete effectively on the athletic journey.

Let us help make your parents your greatest advocate!

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To help the next generation of athletes maximize their abilities and prepare them for life beyond the world of athletics.

Coaching Development

Take your organization to the next level by equipping your coaches with the tools they need to invite their parents on the journey, cultivate a healthy culture, and create a thriving organization that consistently exceeds expectations.

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A Better Way Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Give parents in your organization 24/7 access to the leading parent engagement curriculum on the market. Help them understand what drives unhealthy emotions and unrealistic expectations. The kids in our organizations are worth the investment.

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Our Vision is to Restore the Joy of sport for coaches, parents, and athletes!

Each member of our team brings experience as an athlete, coach, parent, educator, and mentor. What ties us all together is our passion to develop positive sport experiences for every athlete. We’re here to support your organization to provide the best experience possible through engaging stakeholders and working together.


Together, we can Restore the Joy of sport for every athlete.


Read and listen to current blogs, videos, and podcasts that provide insight and resources to help restore the joy of sport.

Managing the Emotion of Tryouts

Tryout Season can be an emotional time for parents and kids. Unmet expectations, disappointment, excitement, and a range of other emotions are present. From the anxiety of showing up to the fear of being let down, our preparation as parents for the tryout is crucial.

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Parents: 3 Ways to Help Your Child Finish the Season Well! Pt. 3

I often see small groups of parents circled up at volleyball tournaments discussing everything they would have done differently. If I am honest, I have been caught in these conversations. As a former coach, I have been the centerpiece of those conversations. The game or tournament is over and parents circle up to critique all that could have been better. We analyze and start forming stories of why our kid isn’t getting the opportunity they deserve or why the team isn’t performing as they should. This type of negativity is dangerous for our family, our child, and the team.

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A few of the incredible clients we work with include industry leaders in their individual fields that continue to set the standard for success. We look forward to many years of this incredible partnership.



See the impact The Parent Playbook has to maximize an athlete’s journey.

"A Better Way is the perfect name for the training Heath and Eric offer. I continually rely on the methods and philosophies they have shared with me in my day to day duties as an AD and my interaction with coaches, athletes, and parents. It's athletics management that makes sense and nourishes the greater good that sports can provide."
Joe Blair
Athletic Director
Brentwood High School
"A better way has allowed our coaches to do what they originally dreamed of doing, which was pouring in to kids, parents, and the community. Our student athletes are doing great things in the classroom, excited daily about practice, and our coaches are enthusiastic throughout the entire season, not looking forward to the next class. We are able to focus on the present and work towards the future with a more positive outlook."
Jason McCowan
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Cleveland High School
"As an athletic director, the A Better Way training is completely invaluable. It prepared our coaches and gave them a clear blue print for how to prepare for meetings, deal with parents, empower student-athletes. It gives them a blueprint for how to be successful."
Jose Fernandez
Athletic Director
Woodward Academy
"A Better Way, has provided our basketball program with tools to empower us to develop a winning culture on and off the court. We are focusing on the right things to do things a better way, Consistently, more efficiently, and with more passion."
Tony Williams
Head Girls Basketball Coach
Cleveland High School