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A Better Way Athletics

20-year coaching career at both the High School and NCAA Division I Collegiate level as Assistant and Head Coach.

More About Heath 

Why do you believe in A Better Way?I was a head coach at both the high school and Division I level and both jobs offered no support, development or training to help me navigate this difficulty world of sport.  I believe we have proven strategies that can help a young coach get started, a struggling coach get back on track or a veteran coach stay encouraged to keep making a difference.

What led to the creation of A Better Way Athletics?In 2012 I realized just how bad the culture in the athletic world had become at all levels.  I knew that I had 2 options; I would either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. I resolved to be a part of the solution and since that time have been traveling around the country speaking to coaches and parents on how to zoom out and focus in on what matters most.

Tell us about your sports journey.I was fortunate enough to have a great high school and collegiate wrestling career and have been surrounded by some outstanding people.  The qualities I learned at home and that were cultivated on the sports journey remain a big part of why I do what I do today. State Championships and Conference titles pale in comparison to the relationships and experiences I had during my athletic career.  I still love to challenge myself and enjoy exercise of any kind especially mountain biking.