Coaches and Parent Curriculum

Coaches Curriculum

  1. Introduction (The Value of Coaching)
  2. A Look Back (Why we coach)
  3. The CORE Model (the Framework for Coaching)
  4. One on One Communication
  5. Practice Planning
  6. Effective Parent Meetings
  7. Electronic Communication:  Operational
  8. Electronic Communication:  Emotional
  9. Managing Conflict
  10. Engaging Officials
  11. How to Be a Great Assistant Coach

Parent Curriculum

  1. Panoramic Parenting
    1. The Importance of Perspective
    2. How to Develop a Team Player
    3. Cultivating Resilience and Confidence
    4. The Parent/Coach View
    5. Being the Best You
  2. Managing the Emotions of Competition
  3. The Official Shortage
  4. The Car Ride Home
  5. Managing the Emotions of Tryouts
  6. How to Engage Your Coach
  7. The View from the Bench

Tools and Resources

  1. Growth Plans
  2. Agreements of Behavior
  3. Email Templates and Samples
  4. Checklists
  5. Parent Meeting Scripts
  6. Managing Conflict Scripts
  7. End of Season Procedures
  8. Monthly Coaches Meeting Scripts

Ongoing Support

  1. Designated Account Manager
  2. Ongoing Support
  3. HelpDesk