Danny Sterling

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Danny Sterling

Vice President of Sales






A Better Way Athletics

Over 27 years in athletics from Athletic Trainer to NAIA, NCAA Division II, and NCAA Division I Collegiate Athletic Director.

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Why do you believe in A Better Way?Athletics teaches life lessons, engages the community and when done with care and compassion, can have a long lasting and positive impact on our children. Everyone was complaining about the problems we all see in sports. And the two people who say they love the kids the most (parents and coaches) were blaming each other. Something had to be done, and that is where we come in.

What brought you to A Better Way Athletics?I saw the chaos that was happening in youth, club and high school sports and knew something needed to change. I left my career in college athletics to help the parents, coaches and administrators that impact athletes every day.

Tell us about your sports journey.I have spent 27 years working in college athletics, as an athletic trainer, athletic director and about everything in between. I am also a father, and my daughter participated in youth, high school and college sports. So I have seen the good, bad and ugly of sports. We have a program that has proven to improve the experience for everyone involved in sports.