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Will Browning

Vice President of Sales






A Better Way Athletics

Played NCAA Division I Baseball, 27 years of experience ranging from working at a startup technology company to working with professional athletes and entertainers.

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Why do you believe in A Better Way?Coaching a sport used to revolve solely around teaching technical skills, but A Better Way recognizes that the role of coaches has evolved. Nowadays, coaches need to be excellent communicators and leaders to effectively guide their athletes and teams to success. A Better Way addresses this need by providing comprehensive coaching development programs that equip coaches with the essential communication and leadership skills required in today’s athletic environment.

What brought you to A Better Way Athletics?I have embarked on a new chapter with A Better Way, an innovative online education coaching development company that is transforming the landscape of high school sports. At A Better Way, we believe in solving the chaos that often surrounds high school sports by equipping athletic directors and coaches with the ultimate coaching handbook. This valuable resource empowers leaders to create strategic athletic plans, guiding them to navigate challenges and lead their teams to success. Providing a better overall experience for everyone involved, especially the high school athletes.

Tell us about your sports journey.From the very beginning, sports have been an integral part of my life. Growing up alongside my father, a dedicated educator, head football coach and athletic director, I was immersed in the world of athletics. My own journey in sports was diverse and remarkable. I fearlessly embraced various disciplines, engaging in football, wrestling and baseball. My passion for the game led me to excel in baseball and secure a spot on the baseball team at Radford University.

After my college career, I took on a unique and vital role working with professional athletes in safeguarding their livelihoods through comprehensive disability insurance programs. This crucial work ensures that athletes can protect their contracts and income in the face of unforeseen injuries, providing them with a sense of security as they pursue their dreams.